What Are Debt Settlement Leads?


The debt settlement industry is growing rapidly with the average American consumer carrying lots of credit card debt. The recession is also adding fuel to the fire with consumers looking at all options to handle their debt loads. As the industry grows companies are looking for new ways to get business in the door while avoiding the many pitfalls of advertising.

Debt settlement leads are prospects that have responded to an advertisement or offer for assistance dealing with their debt. They usually have $10,000 or more in credit card debt and large monthly minimum payments. The lead usually consists of the prospects name and contact information such as the persons phone number, address, and email.

There are two formats that these leads can come in; live leads and standard leads. Standard leads are in written format and are usually emailed or delivered electronically via the internet. Live leads or live calls are delivered on the telephone. These calls either come from a call center or a direct toll free number on an advertisement. The benefit to purchasing live leads vs. standard ones is that a live call ensures you can get a hold of the person and you talk to them when they are ready.

The marketing that generates the calls varies from company to company. Some lead generators use internet marketing and some use offline advertising such as direct mail, TV, radio, print, telemarketing, or outdoor advertising. The type of lead and the overall quality is determined by the format and source of the lead. Also affecting the quality is the exclusivity or the distribution of the lead. Many lead companies sell leads more than once to make more money, these are called semi or non-exclusive leads. Exclusive leads are only sold to one company for a specified amount of time.


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