The XPPS System – Does it Really Work?

February 24, 2020


Mailing postcards to drive traffic to your website is an alternative strategy of providing you with offline advertising and promotion methods. Well, I wanted to know if it would really work so I decided to test it out and this is what I found out …

Initially upon going to the website, I found that it was a capture page in which you need to provide your name and email address to get further information on how the program works. After entering my information, I immediately went to a clean, very attractive, and professional looking page which explained postcard profits in much more detail. The website shows that internet marketing is so competitive and frustrating, especially for someone who hasn't done it before. They do advocate utilizing offline methods of marketing such as cheap little postcards, flyers, and drop cards.

It really made me think and it did make a lot of sense. Internet marketing is where people are bombarded on a daily basis to join a variety of exciting programs, not to mention ads everywhere you look including any search engine searches that you are checking on. The profit system encourages the use of postcards. They have simple, straightforward text on a postcard, nothing fancy or glossy to look at. What is important is the message that is printed on those cards. It entices us to go to our computer and type in the web address that is listed on the postcard.

I found that this method of offline advertising does work very well. I believe it is because it really is non-competitive. If you received a postcard in the mail, how many other interesting pieces of mail are urging you to go to your computer to see what they have to offer? My guess would be zero or almost none. Plus they realize that someone actually took the time to mail this to them and they should at least see what the offer is all about. This makes them more likely to actually become a customer because they are focusing only on your offer, not some array of emails that they received that day.

In any case, I joined the program. I then went into the information packed member's area. It has a Getting Started Guide, conference call info, profit calculators, postcard templates and artwork, pre-made flyers (just have to print on your printer), customer opt-in list, pending sales area, statistics, ad tracking capabilities, and tons of other information too numerous to mention here.

One of the main staples of the back office is the Help and Support Desk. I did have to use this several times and was pleasantly surprised with the promptness with which my questions were answered. I was extremely happy with this feature especially when something pops up that you aren't sure how to handle, the support you get is very good.

I ordered 500 postcards from the back office and they made the postcards, put on the mailing label from their lead list, stamped, and mailed the postcard. This was all done within about 10 days of placing my order.

I honestly have to say that I am very impressed with the the method of promoting via postcards. I would highly recommend the postcard mailing strategy because it is an excellent way to promote any website and it is a pleasure to use a system that actually works.


Source by Jim Maslanko


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