Secret Web Advertising Technique That Has Landed Me Numerous, Valuable Clients

February 26, 2020


Intensive web advertising of my writing services is how I have managed to land the vast majority of my clients. In this article I discuss a web advertising technique that has helped me bag my most valuable clients.

While it is true that there is a huge and growing demand for online writing services, it is also true that your potential clients need to find you and they also need to get convinced pronto that you can write. The web advertising strategy that I am about to reveal to you, did just that for me

The nature of online writing is such that most of the prospective clients you will come across will be looking to use your writing skills to increase traffic to their site and ultimately the sales that they achieve. I have found that by using articles as my main web advertising tool, I have been able to attract a lot of interest and clients. To start with, it shows clearly that you believe in what you preach. It is excellent practical research into the sort of articles that work best in promoting a business.

Where you post your article matters a lot if your web advertising is going to give you a good response. One site I know has consistently outperformed all others in terms of driving traffic to my sites and helping me get a response to my free web advertising articles that I post at their site. That site is I still post my web advertising articles at other sites and they all give me a response occasionally. But the site I mention here is my leading site and gives me a response, that is visitors to my site, every day without fail. It is really amazing. I know that they do various things to publicize articles posted at their site, but whatever it is they do, the end result speaks for itself.

I usually post the same articles that I usually distribute free elsewhere, to my blogs. I then refer people to my blog where I have a page that describes my writing services in full including what I charge for a typical 300-400 word article. Hat page also has my email address where interested prospects can reach me.

So picture a prospect reading one of my articles on how they can promote their web site using articles as their main advertising weapon. They can immediately tell whether my writing meets their standard or not. And if they did this at another site and they find my article interesting, they will then use the information in the article resource box to find my blogs on the subject that they are interested in.

But my web advertising strategy for writing clients does not end there. Most people will not take immediate action. That’s where my valuable email course comes in. I usually run it using the popular free online auto-responder service For the next couple of weeks they will receive information from me in their email inbox. It is from this constant reminder of my writing services that almost 90 per cent of my most valuable clients end up giving me some online writing work to do for them.

Set everything up so that you can start using this powerful web advertising technique today. If you do it right, you will soon end up with more writing clients than you can handle.


Source by Christopher Kyalo


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