PC Tattletale Parental Control Software Review

November 21, 2020


PC Tattletale is one of the leading parental control monitoring software programs in the world.

Using this PC Tattletale, one can record their children’s internet and computer activities.

PC Tattletale many excellent features when compared to similar products or its competitors in the market.

It can almost record anything in your children’s computer and the activities performed on that computer.

At the moment they log in the recording starts and take screenshots and videos and monitor them at every stage.

All the online searches and internet website visits will be monitored in the respective computer using this software.

It has a unique feature capability of monitoring the social networking behavior of your children.

It periodically updates you that what your children have posted on their pages and sites or walls with photos or videos.

The games played in the respective desktop having PC Tattletale can also get uploaded.

It checks what databases they have accessed, what spreadsheets they have used, and what programs they are currently using.

A parent can monitor all downloaded files from the internet and what are those files with respective details.

Features of PC Tattletale parental control software:

The features of PC Tattletale are as follows.

  1. No time limit controls for monitoring your children’s computer.
  2. Internet blocking facility is available with PC Tattletale parental control.
  3. One can activate the web filtering option on the personal computer.
  4. Real-time chat monitoring is possible in this application software.
  5. It uploads periodical activity reports to make them updated regarding their children.
  6. Email alerts option is available for free within this software.
  7. One of the remarkable features provided by the Tattletale was remote access.
  8. You can prevent the downloading in the computer with download blocking feature.
  9. Regularly the parent user will get the predator alerts.
  10. 10.The keystroke option can be enabled by the parent when required.
  11. 11.It doesn’t have a trial download option, and you have to purchase the full software for $49.95.

Benefits of PC Tattletale parental control software:

The benefits of the PC Tattletale parental control software are as follows.

  • PC Tattletale has a keylogger feature that can monitor all your children’s activities.
  • In date and time order, one can sort the keystroke activities of their children using the login information of children.
  • From the moment the children logged in to the computer, a parent can take the screenshots anytime.
  • Screenshots options can be changed anytime according to your convenience.
  • Using this software, a parent can monitor all uploads like image uploads and video uploads.
  • The copy of emails both sent and received will get shared with the parent.
  • As it was an entirely stealth operated software, no children can detect this.


Monitoring your children’s activities will help your children to learn the good and leave the bad.

To make this, one should have this PC Tattletale software with them.

I hope my information helped you in making the correct decision. Thank you so much for reading this review.

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