Needs For Promotions in Business Organizations and Some Modalities-Criteria in Promotion of Workers

March 17, 2020

The word “promotion” according to Oxford learner’s dictionary defines it as “A move to a more important job or rank in a company or organization. However, in the real sense of it, promotion is a move to a more important job or rank in an organization or company with its ensuing better package. In today’s fast growing business world, the issue of promotion has raised some dust because of the way it is being handled. Most organization in most of the developing countries of the world do not adhere strictly to the issue of growth especially in the lowest cadre.

In the eastern part of Nigeria for instance, some well-known manufacturing companies had refused to promote their junior workers all in the name of saving costs. A company that recorded an upward growth in the area of production did not deem it fit to promote the junior workers who had been toiling day and night to achieve a set target as the management staff becomes the beneficiaries in expense of the junior workers. Some of these workers had been in that same grade in which they were employed for at least a minimum of 5 years with most of those Managers that employed them retired or Directors serving in other locations. In most cases, most of these junior workers go on retirement with the same grade they were employed many years ago. When a company is growing, it is believed that the employees that tinker the company to its present position suppose to grow as well. A company or an organization that does not put the interest of its total workforce in mind cannot boast of growth. How can a company grow while eighty percent of its workers cannot boast of three square meal a day for their families?

It is very pertinent to know that most of these junior workers cannot foot the medical bill of their immediate families, which had made them resort to borrowing money to make both ends meet. A company that is doing this can be said of practicing modern day slavery and a waste of labour. Most of the companies or organizations would have grown to greater heights today if they had paid more attention to the issue of promotion. The only reason companies/organizations shun promotion is to save cost but in actual sense ended up causing more harm than good.

Benefits of Practicing staff Promotion.

a) Growth: Workers who are promoted regularly sometimes put in more hours to complete certain stages of production that invariably affects the company’s growth rate.

b) Job Efficiency: Promotion of staffs can lead to job efficiency, as every worker tends to put more interest to make the work move effectively.

c) Cohesion and Good companionship: Promotion of staff enhances cohesion and good companionship, which reduces bickering and jealousy among workers.

d) Reduces absenteeism and lateness: Workers who are duly promoted rarely absent themselves from work or come to work late.

e) Reduces corrupt practices: Most workers who are duly promoted as at when due rarely steal from the company to avoid denting their image.

Dangers of Neglecting staff Promotion

a) It causes hatred and jealousy among the entire workforce.

b) There is no teamwork and cohesion among the workforce.

c) It creates room for corrupt practices like theft, bribery, and pilfering.

d) Workers absent themselves from work at short notice.

e) Workers usually come late to work with flimsy excuses.

f) It reduces efficiency among the entire workforce, as nobody tends to put in his best to make the work move faster.

g) The company’s growth rate is negatively affected because of workers attitudes and behaviours.

Modalities and Criteria for Staff Promotion

i. Length/Year of service: Worker who had stayed at least 21/2 years need to be promoted as the experience and garnered through the years cannot be dismissed with the wave of the hand. This is supposed to be the best criteria or modalities for promotion because such a worker is aware of great importance attached to such an exulted office and as such dare not mess around with it.

ii. Certificates/Curriculum vitae: A worker with an excellent academic record should not be ignored. In most cases, those with an excellent academic record disappoint when it matters most. In this case, such workers must undergo both written and oral interview as a proof that he really merited such a certificate. The reason for this is to avoid putting a square peg in around hole, which will unavoidable, be a cog in the wheel of progress with regard to the company’s growth.

iii. Affinity/Family ties/Closeness: This is mostly common in developing countries, most people in helm of affairs tends to promote people that had close ties with them in expense of the afore- mentioned criteria. This usually backfires because the worker usually has a negative attitude and mindset to face the challenges ahead believing that the brother/ friend who doubles as his boss will definitely stand by him at all times. Situations like this set any company/organizations backwards and hinder rapid growth as many times are taken to make certain corrections with a view to correcting the lapses thereby wasting the time, which would have been used for other pending issues.

iv. Commitment and Willingness to work: A worker who is committed and willing to work should be promoted. When this happens, every other worker will like to follow the same footsteps to earn recognition in that organization which will hitherto bring team spirit and total commitment among the entire workforce.

v. Gossiping and Eye service: Most managers use this as criteria for promotion. Man by nature is always selfish, so most workers resort to slandering, casting aspersions and gossiping in order to acquire promotion. It is this same workers that works well under supervision which they use to buy the confidence of their boss but when the boss is not around, you see them messing around. These create a problem among those who are committed to the job and these eye-service workers. Therefore, when the boss comes, they will be the first to go and report. These same people reap from where they do not sow by using witchcraft or any means possible to gain promotion. Most managers had been deceived by promoting these sycophants only to regret latter. To avoid these embarrassments, managers should endeavour to collect reports from each of their subordinates and interview them according to ascertain their commitments to the job given to them.

Therefore, before you embark on promoting your workers, enough care should be taking to avoid promoting somebody who may not bear the interest of the job at heart. This will definitely affect the company’s growth. Most of the companies had collapsed due to this costly mistake where some managers had put personal interest first before their common interest. Managers should without sentiment do away with people who will not contribute positively to the growth of the company/organization because leaving them would jeopardize their efforts in building the company/organization to greater heights among the comity of excellent organizations.

Source by David Andy Onichakwe


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