How to choose the Right Mobile Advertising Platform

February 26, 2020


Subscriptions to mobile services had already crossed the four billion mark by the end of 2008, and are expected to reach out to about six billion users. This makes advertising via mobile services a very efficient medium. Marketing experts believe that the future of advertising and marketing will be through the cell phone. According to Wikipedia, mobile web users outnumber PC and laptop users by about 5 to 1.No wonder then that advertising through mobiles is becoming a key component in business marketing campaigns. Mobile advertising platforms give vendors an efficient medium to showcase their products to a larger consumer group.

How to Choose an Appropriate Mobile Advertising Platform for your Business

The selection of an appropriate mobile advertising platform is critical for a successful marketing campaign. Advertisers want a platform that reaches out to maximum publishers, for example app stores. As an advertiser, we should keep the following factors in mind when selecting a platform.

  • Identifying the target audience and analyzing them. This helps us to choose our placements wisely by placing advertisements only on sites which are relevant to our products or services.
  • Analyzing the objectives of our marketing campaign.
  • Mobile web advertisements are sold on a CPC (cost per click) or a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. We have to determine which one suits our marketing campaign the best.
  • Determining whether the platform has the right type of publishers to reach out to the target audience.
  • Selecting the appropriate reporting tool to track the performance of the campaign, and understand the user response.

Advantages of Using Mobile Advertising Platform

Here are the advantages of using mobile advertising platform:

  • Advertisers can get immediate response from consumers.
  • Personal interactive communication is possible on a much wider scale.
  • Mobiles are highly personal devices, and people are always in reach of their mobiles as compared to other conventional platforms.
  • Mobiles have massive reach as compared to conventional platforms. Even in developing countries there has been huge growth in mobile subscriptions.

The mobile market is growing rapidly and companies are already taking advantage of the onslaught of mobile users. Even small businesses are using mobile advertisement platforms to great advantage. If you too want to utilize this medium for your enhanced business growth, visit right away!


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