Getting Your British Brand Into Brazil

March 26, 2020

Building a brand in a nation other than your own can be extremely difficult, unless you have the knowledge and the 'know-how' of how to exploit the market you're entering into. Breaking into the Brazilian market gives British brands the opportunity to connect with a population of 192 million people, but you need to understand Brazil in order to make marketing and advertising work for your British business.

The Brazilian people take a strong sense of pride in their nation and are incredibly patriotic; Therefore, applying a strong essence of local flavor to marketing and communication strategies can ultimately push a British brand right to the forefront of the Brazilian economic market.

What's the fastest way in?

One of the more successful ways that British brands are currently marketing themselves in Brazil is digital advertising. Looking at the facts, Brazil has recently surpassed Britain to become the world's six largest economy. This has made Britain sit up and take notice of Latin America as its economy continues to grow.

In a bid to take advantage of the Brazilian market, British brands have focussed their marketing and advertising efforts on the digital community. At present, Brazil is said to be the fifth largest country in the world with digital users, with approximately 91 million people online (Source: Forrester Research). This gives British marketers the scope they need to reach a high volume of potential consumers using cost effective digital marketing, products and services.

The great thing about Brazil at the present moment is that it is adapting to new trends without any hassle. For instance, a high number of people who originally had no comprehension of technology are suddenly switching to using smartphones. For a British marketer, anticipating this kind of adaptation to technology and having the right tools and content to push their brand is of the utmost importance when it comes to making an impact in Brazil. "

Furthermore, the Brazilian government has also actively made an effort to offer free Wi-Fi across the nation and this has led to Brazil becoming the third highest user of the internet on the planet. This leaves UK brands in a prime position to make the most of advertising opportunities in a nation that is thriving and with the UK being a digital leader they can add value to the Brazilian digital market.

In the height of the digital boom currently taking place in Brazil, Social Media has also seen exponential growth. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have really taken off in Brazil, particularly amongst the youth of the nation. Again, Social Media is something that the UK is immensely familiar with when it comes to businesses promoting and marketing their brands.

In terms of British brands really making themselves known in the Brazilian economy a concerted effort needs to be made in connecting with the digital market that is growing in Brazil. Whilst a number of British brands have served up an offering in hitting the digital world in Brazil, they have not really been too successful because their campaigns do not tie in with Brazilian culture.

UK business brands need to adapt their digital advertising efforts to appeal to the Brazilian way of life. Too many are going in being 'too British' in their approach. British brands have to establish the comparisons between British and Brazilian culture. That way, a lukewarm market for British brands can potentially become a lucrative market.

Source by Waseem Saddique


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