Free ZEN everyday

Horizen Faucet is an easy to use faucet for the valuable ZEN cryptocurrency. Payments go straight to your ZEN wallet. No minimum withdrawals to worry about. A true faucet.

If you don’t have a ZEN wallet, download and install Sphere By Horizen. It is available for Mac, Android and Windows. Sphere by Horizen is a multifunctional app meant to help people take control of their privacy and finances. It is a launching point for most Horizen services. It’s quite easy to use and makes it easy to get your wallet address.

Once you have your Horizen wallet setup, go to Horizen Faucet.

Enter your ZEN address at Horizen Faucet and click claim. The first time you will need to finish setting up your account,

Everytime you claim from the faucet ZEN rewards will be sent to your wallet address.

You may claim from the Horizen Faucet once per day. Collecting daily will earn you daily bonus multiplier amounts. Link your accounts and earn extra bonus amounts.

Run horizen nodes for yourself if you want to earn even more ZEN.

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