Digital Leaflets – One Of The Most Effective Methods To Create The Best First Impression

March 23, 2020

There is no better greater impression than the first impression, and when it comes to business presentation is vital. Tell me, if you were conducting interviews and you had to choose between someone who comes in smartly dressed, on time, prepared, and with good manners and someone who was late, un-prepared and looked like they had just rolled out of bed, who would it be?

This should be the same rule that’s applied when advertising yourself, your brand or your company. Advertising that is produced in a clean, clear and effective way with a professional touch will always get first priorities when booking business deals. It’s one of the best methods of drawing in clientele and it also broadcasts your unique selling point in the quickest way. From as little as the company typeface to the colour theme of your advertising it’s important that you’re putting out the right impressions.

These days there are so many different forms of advertising we see in our everyday lives that we are literally spoiled for choice! You can choose from business cards, leaflets, flyers, clothing & accessories, online adverts, stationary and even vehicle wraps to name a few.

Leaflets are one of the most common forms of advertising we see regularly, we get them through our doors, in our post boxes and even handed to us in the streets. They are one of the best ways to showcase your business amongst the masses and are also considered as one of the fastest and cheapest methods. They can be printed digitally or through more traditional methods such as lithography, flexography, gravure or letterpress.

Digital leaflets tend to look more professional and are often regarded as a more popular choice. Digital printing uses a digital based image which is usually taken from desktop publishing and other digital sources, which is then exposed onto true light-sensitive photographic paper through lasers. Although this form of printing is favourable, it can also become quite costly when compared to traditional offset printing, although the development cost actually evens out when you consider the development cost for offset printing. It also provides more of an on demand service with quick turnaround periods, and there is no need to replace the printing plates unlike analog printing where the plates need to be replaced constantly. As digital printing has been drastically developing over the years, it has proven to reduce the labour process and has almost made offset printing virtually redundant, as its technology is able to produce larger print runs at a lower price.

So next time you’re thinking about how to advertise yourself, think about how easy and cost efficient leaflets would be to do produce, it really is one the quickest methods to put out the best first impression. If and when you do go ahead to proceed with leaflet development, I would highly recommend putting the digital printing method to the test. I have no doubt that will you not be disappointed in the end result.

Source by Roxanne Tanner


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