Custom Magnets For Business Promotion

March 11, 2020

We all have decorative magnets on our cupboards, desks and refrigerators and know how useful they are. But apart from adding color to an otherwise boring refrigerator, decorative magnets can also help you promote your business.

Custom magnets are a great option for all types of business. You can get them custom designed in theme color of your company and print company’s logo, tag line and brand name among other things on them. In short, these magnets can become a type of your visiting card that the recipient can actually use.

Here’s why you should use “save this date” magnets for business promotions:

1. Cost effective: Custom magnets are mostly inexpensive, since they are manufactured in bulk. These are much cheaper than other methods of advertising like print and electronic media advertisements, free gifts, outdoor promotion etc. Just design a magnet and then get as many manufactured as you need.

2. Attention grabbing: Magnets are a great way to grab attention of your targeted customers. By handing out magnets with your brand name on it, you can motivate them to try your products or at least know more about it.

3. Convenience: Magnets are very convenient to store and hand out to people. Since these are hardly few inches wide, they don’t take up much space on people’s desk or refrigerator’s. Also, unlike some other promotional hand outs, people can actually use the magnets at their home. This helps you create brand awareness. Anyone who uses your magnet in his office or at home will see your company’s name and logo every day and remember it.

4. Brand promotion: Custom Magnets help you make your brand name recognizable by general public. You can distribute the Save This Date Magnets in city fairs, exhibitions, company charity functions etc. to help people know more about your company and what it does. This is a great way to ensure that everyone at the particular event is aware of your presence there.

5. Great Memorabilia: Has your company just reached an important milestone? Customized magnets are a great way to celebrate the anniversary of the company’s foundation and other special days like 1 millionth customer, $100,000 turnover and so on. Printing the reason of the occasion on a magnet and distributing them among your employees is a great motivational tool. They can keep it as a memorabilia of their success and motivate themselves to work even harder.

These days, there are a number of companies which let you design and order custom magnets on their website. This is a very convenient and fast way of getting them manufactured. However, remember to ensure quality of the product while ordering custom made magnets for your company.

Source by Shane Trunk


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