Contemporary Outdoor Advertising – Old Wine in a New Bottle

March 26, 2020

Contemporary outdoor advertising is but old wine in a new bottle. Only the devices have been revamped and renovated but the objective, theme and purpose remains the same. Contemporary and conventional advertising both provides a win-win situation for brand promotion. After all, every object under the sun has its time span. The time span of conventional advertising expired, which marks the onset of contemporary advertising and that’s how the cookies crumble.

In contemporary outdoor advertising, advertisers use the same posters, billboards, hoardings, kiosks etc. which were used in passé outdoor ads but in a modernized way. A burst of creativity and technological induction provide a fresh look for outdoor ads with which advertisers re-discover a brand new technique to advertise their brands. To elaborate few ideas about modern outdoor ads, let us have a look at the top three tools of outdoor advertising which are widely used by advertisers at present.

Digital billboards- These billboards have replaced traditional billboards. One arresting feature of these billboards is that advertisers have an exclusive choice to change, edit or update any advertisement which is already live. This facility of modern digital billboards facilitates advertisers with three benefits- time, money and effort. Without re-working upon the same content or graphic of the billboard an advertiser can make changes in the same ad display thereby saving time as well as money. What is more is that it can be achieved through remote control.

Digital signages/LED/LCD- Digital signages/ LED/LCD have been widely used in contemporary outdoor advertising. These media vehicles provide a more glitzy and classy look to onlookers simultaneously grasping their attention. Like digital billboards, signages also have the same facility for content change or edition.

Electronic Kiosks- Electronic kiosks are massively used in modern outdoor ads. What is impressive about these kiosks is that they provide maximum and repeated exposure of brands thereby providing good brand recall value to the audiences. Electronic kiosks have proved to be one of the effective tools used for brand advertising.

Source by Rihaan Kumar


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