Advertise Your Online Business- Genuine Information Is A Need

March 3, 2020

Looking back in the past few years, where I was looking some on-line business to perform. I learned to make Web pages, learned to get into Affiliate programs, learned how to advertise on the Internet from resources that I can get from the Internet free or even paid. By using my free time to learn all this from the Internet at home was like a "Fish Getting Into Waters", so comfortable for me as well as to passed my idling time.

Well, you should have guessed that, have met too much hypes and scams that says "Strike For Millions", "Blast Your Ads To Millions"; Brought products that says "Shoot Your Web-page Rocket-High" formula. Yet … my web-site was still on the ground, did shoot rocket-high, in fact at the very last page of those Search Engines' result pages, unless there was no other competitor's page or just a few of them which also means no Niche at all.

However, I did not give up and continue to try, test and evaluate free and paid products and information even after a certain period of frustration. The positive sides of those failures are, I am immune for all those scams. Yes, now I know how to distinct those genuine program, genuine information, genuine advertising skills, genuine lecturer against the "Join us, Just Be Persistent And You Will Be Millionaire Soon" programs (You should have seen a lot from the Internet too) . I've experienced all that. (More to be seen in our years of surfing on the net).

So …. the conclusion is, before you get into something, learn from a genuine source that have a findable company names with address and phone number (s), the name of the lecturer. Best if he / she has their photos published, and try to get more information from the Internet search by their names, company names, and from some other well-knowns' recommendation, if you can feel their abilities to help you (whether free or paid), then it shouldn't be a problem to go for it then. Otherwise, BEWARE that once you've paid the money for their products, information or programs, a short time later, you don't even hear them, let alone their updates and supports.

You might have received a cool website issued from those companies, but think, although Internet traffics travels like speed of lightning, and you have been supplied with the most beautiful market place on-line, yet who will even visit it, apart from those thousand -million web-pages on the Internet if, there is no on-line advertising, no Search Engine Optimization, no direct links, no Words Of Mouth Recommend, no offline advertising blah blah blah ?! You are the one to click your website everyday.

Getting those business websites without knowing any technical advertising skills is like buying a beautiful on-line "White-Elephant" for your very own private uses … (Buy something will you ?!) WORST! If there is nothing to buy! Just a beautiful website to gain another "White-Elephant" owner by MIRACLE for a same website like yours that cannot even lay an egg when you are hungry! Chuck chuck chuck …!

If you have received some unsolicited emails for business opportunity, please wait a while and check it often. Quite a lot of them will be down within a year, or probably half a year! You'll find the site shows "404 Page Not Found" instead. Either those business websites failed themselves, or it's all meant to be. Well, I am glad that I've finally known the truth. So are you. Thanks for reading!

I get myself truly started from a genuine source E-book named "Clickin 'It Rich" written by Michael Campbell that I bought on-line for evaluation after some Internet Researches. And of course, with my will to test-drive the information that contains. If you want to start your own on-line business without knowing anything, this is your basic guide. See whether it's your destination.

Yet if you just want to start advertising on the Internet straight away for your own business without SEO skills, to avoid spam accuses and others advertising hypes and scams, here is another fast alternative – Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a sophisticated Pay-Per-Click advertising system developed by, the Google Search Engine. For the first time in the history of the world, to deposit five bucks, write a couple of ads and instantly get access to over 100 million people – in less than 10 minutes. For more information or immediate free sign-up for a new account, go

Although it is a powerful and effective advertising system, AdWords has some nuances, and some people have a rough time at first. Well my colleague Perry Marshall has written a very helpful e-course called "5 days to success with Google AdWords" and there's no charge for it.

I am sure all the information from the above two experienced marketers and lecturers will let you cut your learning curves, get to know what is what. Don't follow my footsteps to get really started ONLY after a few years of involving in hypes, scams, useless campaigns, cheap junk software and frustration!

And don't even think to go for a cheap $ 1 MLM scam program. Yes, I'd received a few times for this kind of $ 1 MLM scam programs, just a scamming web-page without any products!

Source by Jones Ng


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