Acme Phone Leads – Business Opportunity Review

March 20, 2020

Acme Phone Leads was launched on February 4th 2011 by Tissa Godavitarne – an extremely successful internet marketer who has made over $ 1.2 million from affiliate commissions promoting his own ACME People Search Engine. In this article, we will try to understand what this newest product Acme Phone Leads is all about, how it works and how much money can one make by sending phone leads to local businesses?

What is Acme Phone Leads? In a nut shell this is primarily a pay per call platform cum multi level business opportunity rolled into one. Before we take a look at the business opportunity, first let's broadly understand the product.

The Product

Acme Phone Leads is a online software platform that broadly comprises of a unique toll free number (s) and back office tools. Using this number, a subscriber can promote a local business of your choice. When a prospect calls this toll free number, the call automatically gets forwarded to the business number you are promoting. All such calls are tracked using the back office tools, and all qualified calls made to your number earn you a commission. Acme Phone Leads as of the launch date has pre-negotiated offers with about 230 businesses, so there's a wide selection of businesses readily available for promotion and more businesses are expected to be added on an ongoing basis.

Researching a business, its demand and competition before promoting it is of prime importance and as you will soon see, the income potential from promoting even a single business can be tremendous. Another fact to remember is that this platform has just launched and has virtually no competitor to it.

Acme Phone Leads offers two income streams

a) Pay Per Call
b) MLM Opportunity

Niche Market Potential for Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call is about sending business leads via phone calls to local businesses. The small local business gets new customers and you get a income stream, which depends on the business you are targeting through Acme Phone Leads. For each qualifying call that you send to a business, you get paid $ 10 to $ 50 in commission.

To estimate demand for this income stream, we will consider a health niche market of Dentists. Since the focus lies on local business, we chose the area Dentists in Dallas Texas and used this keyword in the Google keyword search tool. Google showed that people looking for Dentists in Dallas are typing "Dentist Dallas TX" and a number of its variations like Dallas Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist Dallas, Dental Implants Dallas, and so on.

Taking a combination of seven such area specific keywords for our chose niche, the total came to a healthy 3440 monthly searches. Remember this figure is substantially higher as we are only considering seven out of maybe fifty keywords for Dentists in Dallas. Secondly the above data only considers Google results and excludes Bing & Yahoo, since Google is the most important search engine in terms of traffic potential. As we have seen there is a healthy market for our small chosen niche, now we need to estimate its income potential.

Pay Per Call Income Potential

We begin by estimating the traffic to our website for the chosen seven key-phrases. Statistics shows that typically about 8% of web searchers will click on the top third spot in search results, with the number one spot getting close to 42% hits. Here, our assumption is that we should be able to get our site entrenched well within the first three spots for our chosen seven keywords. Hence we take 10% from the 3440 total monthly searches. Rest assured, for such a small niche like Dentists in Dallas Texas, top ranking can be accomplished with a fair bit of work. If this niche is extremely crowded and competitive, it would need more time & effort to achieve top rankings in Google. Next we need to assess the income potential from staying in top spots in Google search.

From the the 344 (10%) hits on our website, say about 50% of these searchers would actually pick up their phone to call on the listed Acme Phone Leads toll free number, resulting in commissions payable to you. Assuming the lowest average commission rate per call at $ 10 x 172 calls, we stand to generate $ 1720 / monthly or $ 20,640 / year.

Since this is a broad guideline, other forms of business promotion like PPC, free classifieds, banner ads on local websites, printed flyers or any other out of the box forms of business advertisement and promotion have been excluded. As you can guess, the above figures are heavily discounted, so this $ 1720 / mo figure in reality can be much higher.

MLM Opportunity

In addition to pay per call commissions, second income stream can be made by recruiting and building a team. The compensation plan pays commissions down up-to 5 levels deep. For every direct referral, you stand to earn $ 25. Bear in mind, this is not a one-time referral commission, but a recurring monthly commission of $ 25 per month for each direct referral that you bring in. Next, up-to four levels deep, you get $ 5 per referral each month. So for each referral leg under you, you stand to gain $ 25 + $ 20 = $ 45 (that's $ 5 x 4 levels). This matrix can go as wide as you can build it, with each leg below making you $ 45 / mo in passive monthly income.

For the sake of conservative estimate, we assume only 12 down lines will be recruited in the first year, resulting in monthly income of $ 45 x 12 = $ 540 / mo or $ 6480 per year.

Finally, the overall combined business potential from Acme Phone Leads can be estimated at $ 20,640 plus $ 6480 = $ 27,120.

So is $ 27,120 a year realistically achievable? As Tissa Godavitarne in his webinar said "Acme Phone Leads can truly be a life changing opportunity." If you too can share his vision and take proper action, the figures indicated above can easily be exceeded by a very wide margin. The opportunity is tremendous and Acme Phone Leads subscription costs just $ 49.95 / mo.

Source by Amar R


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