A Short History of Signage


Over the past few decades, technology has changed the world completely. The recent technological advancements, such as 3D printing, has revolutionized many industries. Signage is one of the industries which have a lot to gain from 3D printing. Signage has inseparably attached with offline advertisement modes. From the concept of a simple sign board to the application of a highly advanced digital sign, the signage industry has witnessed a rapid growth.

The history of signage is more than 5000 years old. Old cave paintings suggest that ancient human civilizations had used different forms of signs to communicate valuable information. It is said that the origin of the language starts from primitive signs.

The 20th Century is considered crucial in the development of static marketing means. The recent technological advancements have completely revolutionized the communication means. The trend of electronic or moving pictures has emerged as the future of signage. A business looks incomplete and outdated without modern signage. Moreover, it is tough for a business to stay successful in a competitive environment.

Every business has its own philosophy and way of displaying its product and services. Signage of various nature has been used by businesses to display their marketing content in order to attract customers and generate more revenue. It is the marketing which has helped sign industry grow that rapidly. Tangible display of product and services is of great importance.

Most of the signs we see are related to some business. However, they are not all about a business. Many organizations use signs for safety and educational purposes. For example, directional signs are installed purely to guide the general public. Government agencies often use signs to spread awareness on various issues.

Small businesses often look for cheap advertising means. Budget constraints do not allow startups to spend too much on expensive marketing media channels. The absence of advertisement could lead to failure of a business. Considerate use of cost-effective signage can save a business and contribute to its success. Therefore, small businesses try to place banners and boards to achieve their advertising goals.

Signage is quite useful for a business to achieve long and short-term objectives. Welfare institutes and government departments advertise short-term programs through signs. As compared to internet marketing, signage is limited in terms of coverage.

Over the past few years, signage has become a combination of technology and innovation. It is a relatively less expensive way of building the image of a brand.


Source by Basharat Khadim

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